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What Is A Hammer Drill And How Does It Work?

21st Apr 2022

A hammer drill is a multi-purpose tool used to drive bolts and drill holes in various materials! Hammer drills differ from regular drill/drivers in that they have a mechanical hammer that slams the dr … read more

Makita's Top 5 Drills!

21st Apr 2022

If you're looking for a high-quality Makita drill, look no further! With so many possibilities, deciding which Makita drill is ideal for you might be difficult."Why so many drills when they all accomp … read more

Which Power Tools And Skins Are Best For You?

21st Apr 2022

Even for the most experienced tradie, the sheer number of brands, models, prices, compatibilities, and other factors can make purchasing the correct power tools and skins a daunting task!A few importa … read more