Get control with the perfect set of pliers

The humble pair of pliers is a versatile essential to any tool kit. It can loosen and tighten bolts, hold fittings in place, grip small objects, cut through wires and cables, bend or loop flat strips of metal, crimp insulated terminals and more. If you need to grip and keep an object in place—grab yourself a pair of pliers!

At Tool Kit Depot, we stock a wide range of pliers to get any job done. Use long nose pliers for working in compact spaces, diagonal cutting pliers for cutting or stripping wire or combination pliers for everything in between. But why just stop at one pair? Having the right plier set on hand can help make quick work out of repairs, especially when it comes to smaller jobs.

For tools that make a big impact at work or home, Tool Kit Depot is the ultimate pliers tool destination with a wide range of top brands, including Marvel, Irwin, Crescent and Knipex to name a few.

If you’re looking to upgrade your toolbox, pop into your nearest Tool Kit Depot and come and have a chat with the team today!