Gift Cards Terms of Use

Tool Kit Depot gift cards can be used towards any purchase of goods at any Tool Kit Depot location in Australia. Gift cards cannot be used to pay for services (Hire or Repair) and cannot be used to pay any part of a TRADE Credit balance.


When redeemed, the gift card must be relinquished to the cashier. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash. Tool Kit Depot is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards. This gift card is not a credit card or debit card. Tool Kit Depot gift cards expire 3 years after the initial purchase date. Tool Kit Depot gift cards are only valid if purchased from Tool Kit Depot and processed through the register or online.


Gift cards that are used during promotional periods, including Depot Dollars sales will not qualify the customer for additional gift cards. Goods must be purchased to be eligible for depot dollars gift cards. In addition, any goods purchased during a Depot Dollars promotion and then later returned may result in the Depot Dollars gift card being void. During promotional periods (including Depot Dollars) gift cards cannot be used across multiple transactions on the same day to qualify for additional gift cards.


You may use your gift card on a purchase less than the value of the gift card. The remaining amount may be used on your next purchase until the total amount is used. Where the cost of the purchase exceeds the Tool Kit Depot gift card amount, the card holder will be required to make up the difference with an alternate form of payment.